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The 500mg vape cartridges featuring oil extracted from Green Label Grinders’ premium, locally grown marijuana are some of the very best carts you’ll find on either coast, my friend. The Gentleman knows cuz he’s been just about everywhere weed is legal and smoked a bunch. Like, a lot. And I’d put these up against anyone’s. COME AT ME, BRO!!! Click the button below to read the full review from our friends over at The Gentleman Toker!

Green Label Vape Cartridges

A little Sunset, a little Sherbert

Sounds like a winner.

Another beautiful day in the District and I met up with our friends from Green Label Grinders, once again. That’s always a good way to spend part of a Saturday because it means the next seven days there will be a new strain in the pod. In the evening, Suzette and I fired up the trusty hunk of German-engineering to sample the recently gifted Sunset Sherbert. It was potent and brought tiredness that wanted to prove itself. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to learn more about the Sherbert. Suzette and I keep notes on everything we try. Well, at least that is the goal. Sometimes we forget and then suddenly four grams is none. My favorite strain note so far is for Trap Star: “This is for old people who want to go to sleep. Male sexual inhibitor. Not for amourous times.” I still chuckle when I read it, and I have read it several dozen times. It should be getting old but it just doesn’t. Our notes for Sherbert (Sun) aren’t as humorous, but they might be helpful. “Sunset Sherbert, aka Sherbert (Hybrid/Indica dominant/Sun)… Tickles the back of the throat: Ecstasy. Relaxing. At two bags, we were a little tingly in the face. Later on, it impacts memory. A little harsh on the throat. Drunk-like impact on basic motor skills such as walking. It provided a nice buzz while making us sleepy. This is really good, we would definitely get it again. Sounds like a winner. If you’d like to try some Sherbert, arrange to meet up with Green Label, an Initiative 71 compliant service in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood in the District.

Our friends at Green Label D.C. offer up a new and exclusive smoking experience with the THC packed Supreme vape pen! Indulge your senses with the unbeatable experience of this high tech vape and heavily concentrated oil. With its slender and sophisticated design, the Supreme pen has a cutting edge appearance that pairs well with the incredible THC oil that tests at 95% potency! The smooth finish to this skinny pen makes it discreet and convenient for on the go smoking. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the vape experience any time and anywhere! Made with practicality and style in mind, this pen delivers a first class experience to your day. Upgrade your smoking experience and find accessories and more now at Green Label. Packed to the brim with 100 mg of oil it delivers a classic feel-good high seconds after the first hit. The Strawberry Glue oil brings heavy clouds with a sweet strawberry flavor and a light cool feel make smoking this pen simply delightful! Once you’ve experienced the good life you won’t want to go back! The flavor is so light for such a concentrated oil! So easy to just put in your pocket or purse! It’s the future of smoking weed.

Supreme Vape Pen

Slender. Sleek. Sophisticated

Mint Julep Hybrid Bud

An incredible bright flavored bud.

Greel Label offers this smooth smoking hybrid with a savory sweet minty aroma that enhances the thought process and makes for a sensational high. Features of this flower include a densely dusted trichome bud that grinds down to a perfectly soft, fluffy texture. An incredibly bright flavored bud, Mint Julep is sure to please on every level; from the fresh clean scent and smooth grind to an easy inhale and enhancing high. Float away to your favorite beats or make memories with best friends as the mood enhancing vibes of Mint Julep relax and invigorate you. Contact our friends at Green Label for some of this top-shelf grind then roll up and enjoy! It’s that easy! What a beautiful smell! Mmmm it is so fresh and sweet! I feel like I can solve all the world’s problems! Haha! Oh my gawd where did you get this bud? It’s so intense!
This Sativa dominant strain lives up to all expectations and always delivers an unbeatable high. Dyno Breath is an incredible hybrid that not only cures anxiety and depression but surprises you with an energetic anti-fatigue buzz! This prime bud offered by our preferred partners at Green Label D.C. offers an intense skunk and spice aroma paired beautifully with a happy high that rests comfortably right in the back of the head. Feel good vibes and happy times are sure to follow every time you light up this heavenly herb. Never fear! Dyno Breath is here! But not for long! Smokers of this magnificent bud will definitely appreciate the strong flavors and huge clouds that make a toker feel like they do indeed have that powerful breath of Earth’s historical monsters. Dyno Breath delivers that feel good high that you’ve been looking for! Expect relief from stress, a warm floating high that brings you up gently and lets you down slowly. A high that lasts, Dyno Breath will keep you feeling carefree for hours! Absolutely fantastic in every way and so easy to acquire thanks to our friends at Green Label D.C. Fun tip: This bud packs together nicely making it a great bud for rolling into a joint or blunt that is beyond lit! Prime opportunity for creating some adventurous smoking opportunities Once you’re enjoying the euphoric and stress relieving high from your Dyno Breath J the possibilities are endless.

Dyno Breath Bud

Lives up to all the expectations.

Willy Wonka Bud

A winner on all levels.

This incredibly sweet Sativa uplifts and excites, always delivering a flawless and focused high! Winner of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup for the outstanding purity of its concentrate and a heavenly high! Willy Wonka, a strain known for it’s energetic and focusing high, has been recognized as one of the leading cannabis strains today! Nowhere else in D.C. will you find such incredible weed. WW smells beautifully sweet and gassy followed by a musky dark chocolate post smoke taste right on the back of the tongue. Don’t underestimate just how dank this bud actually is! The aroma will have you coming back for a sniff again and again. Flavor, smell, and a euphoric high meld to make an absolutely perfect canna-experience! This bud brings on a high that floats through the mind bringing new ideas, relaxed anti-anxiety vibes, and a clear feeling to your thoughts. Our trusted partners at Green Label D.C. have sourced some top quality buds that are absolutely massive! A winner on all levels, Willy Wonka will quickly become a favorite that is guaranteed to be a go-to for all occasions! A truly exceptional bud! I absolutely love it! A new favorite for sure, I love the flavor and the high comes on surprisingly quickly!
Extremely rare weed for a limited time offer! A once in a lifetime offer, try this famous smoke before it’s gone forever! Green Label provides you with a rare chance to smoke an extremely popular but almost extinct strain of bud! Batch 45 hybrid is an incredible growth, sourced from Exotic Genetix and grown to perfection before being harvested for your smoking pleasure! This awesome marijuana is rarer than pure gold and found for a very limited time at Green Label D.C.! This limited edition bud is flying off the shelf at an extraordinary rate for one reason: it’s just damn good bud! The trichomes on Batch 45 are so numerous on the bud itself that the nug appears to have been dusted with glitter! When smoked this bud gives huge clouds that make the eyes water just a bit from the high THC concentration. Batch 45 is definitely a bud to show off to your smoke buddies! Get this prime weed before someone else gets it all!

Batch 45 Bud

It’s just damn good bud!

B-52 Bud

This may just be my favorite bud.

An incredible indica dominant hybrid that provides both a totally relaxed feeling and a cerebral high. D.C. weed smokers are avid fans of Green Label’s spectacular B-52 Bud! Look no further for the high-quality smoke you’ve been searching for because this weed ticks all the boxes and never disappoints! B-52 is an impressive 75/25 indica-dominant cross between the fan favorite Skunk and the strong smelling Big Bud. This well-balanced hybrid is a sweet mix of skunky flavors that has a lovely, floaty cerebral effect that is unexpected for a strain that is so indica heavy. The effects of this smoke are remarkably relaxing and airy paired with overall feelings of well being and contentment. B-52 is a top-shelf bud that is perfect for rolling up in a well packed joint or thick blunt to enjoy before watching your favorite show, or heading out to that newly released film! Guaranteed to deliver an excellent smoke and a balanced high full of smiles and relaxation! Light up some B-52 from Green Label in your next smoke sesh today! A wonderful skunky smell that tickles the marijuana taste buds! Green Label really outdid themselves once again when they selected this strain! This just may be my favorite bud I’ve tried lately! It just makes me feel so mellow and happy.
This aromatic blunt is definitely a high-quality roll that is perfect for the experienced smoker or for a gathering of friends looking to enjoy a premium high. The first noticeable quality of this King Kong Pre-roll is the sweet grassy aroma that hits you the moment the airtight capsule is opened. The bright fresh scent of the Ogiesel (SFV OG Kush and Giesel) is pleasing both to the nose and on dry hits, promising a very flavorful smoke. Once lit the blunt cherry remains a flawless red circle of smoldering kush, perfectly avoiding any canoeing. The tight pack and abundance of THC oils from the shatter make for thick cloud hits and slow burn, perfect for passing around a group of buddies again, and again…. and again! The high that accompanies this Pre-roll is definitely something to talk about due to the happy and mellow feelings come around in a timely but gentle manner leaving the toker feeling relaxed, contented and often giggly! The uplifting slightly Sativa dominant promises a feeling of well-being and euphoria without crashing in da couch, ideal for the daytime or social smoker. I was quite impressed by the clouds produced. The flavor is wonderful, the hits are ridiculous and the mouthpiece ensures a clean pull. Overall a highly tasty, hard hittin’ no quitin’ blunt with a lovely happy high.

King Kong Pre-Roll Blunt

Promising a very flavorful smoke.