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Green Label Locally Produced Vape Carts

Green Label is the largest provider of locally sourced vape carts in the DMV. Every cart is made with our flowers in Washington DC. No pesticides (of any kind) were used in our growing process. Our carts are smooth, strong, pesticide free plus you have the confidence in knowing they are not counterfeit or contain acetates. We are your “farm to table” company of the DMV.


Beware of Fake Carts



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4 reviews for Green Label Locally Produced Vape Carts

  1. jtsduke (verified owner)

    These guys are top notch! Always on time. I have never had to wait. They are there on time everytime. Can’t say enough about the delivery guys! The best product in DC! Flower is the best and the only REAL VAPE CARTS IN DC! My favorite and consistent. ALWAYS!

  2. ricketttonica (verified owner)

    Always happy with delivery. Product is superior and staff are energetic, positive and always make me smile. Its an extra advantage they are also superior and quick with the delivery. 100%

  3. jtsduke (verified owner)

    Best carts in DC. Medical grade and smooth. Never disappointed! Looked all over DC these carts are the only real carts I’ve found! Green label is the real deal!

  4. jtsduke (verified owner)

    I’ve tried carts from all over DC and these are the only real Vape carts. GLG makes their carts to assure authenticity. I’m always more than satisfied with the quality! I’ve gotten fakes from other distributors but Green Label Carts are medicinal grade! If they come from Cali they are fakes. Can’t send them over state lines! Green label is the real deal!

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Full spectrum oil (FSO) straight from the extractor. No post processing needed.

In superficial CO2 extraction, temperature and pressure are used to create phase changes in CO2. It goes from being gas to displaying properties of both gas and a liquid. It has a gas like viscosity and low surface tension, so it’s more easily penetrates poor solids than a liquid. This result in a substance that forces our compounds of plant matter based on their weights.

Adjusting the pressure you can tune the CO2 to create a very precise environment whereby the superficial fluid will only extract the most desirable components. While CO2 extraction involves complex pieces of equipment, it requires little or no post processing, unlike other extraction methods.