Cake & Bake Full Spectrum Edibles

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Brownie Bites (4 packs/125 mg each)

Large Hockey Pucks (500 mg each)

Miniature pies (4 pack/125mg each)

Cookies (3 pack/125 each)

Vegan, Gluten or Sugar free

Gummies and Candy

Fruit Roll Ups (made w/real organic fruit)

100% organic all fruit

100% organic all fruit

Infused Olive Oils (6 oz jjar 500mg each)

3 reviews for Cake & Bake Full Spectrum Edibles

  1. Chan Sinclair (verified owner)

    Many chefs say they can, many chefs say they will but this chef understood the assignment and actually delivered! These edibles slap so hard I walked sideways around the house. A little goes a long way! I highly recommend any of the hockey pucks, brownie bites and the gummies for the win!

  2. Steph Workman (verified owner)

    Stellar product! Tasty, top notch potency, and well packaged.

  3. Bsolo888 (verified owner)

    Highest Quality and Delicious. Effects are almost immediate and long lasting. Great price and variety. Bravo GLDMV and Ms. Cake and Bake!

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We use “full spectrum” cannabis oils to produce our edibles (see the “learn more” link). Our edibles are not mass produced using artificial dyes and flavors. Our THC is not extracted using chemicals of any kind just low heat. No shortcuts. For health reasons some may wish to reduce the intake of smoke and/or vapor. Others may want a great nights sleep or a full bodied relaxing day on the couch. As a disabled vet with a lung condition, heart condition, insomnia, and anxiety; Cake & Bake is a personal endeavor as it serves as one of my primary sources of physical, mental and emotional relief. Curated to be both delicious and effective all items were prepared using Servsafe temperatures and food storage preparation/protocols. Pork free. Do not use and drive. Follow Cake & Bake on IG @cakeandbake_gl or Facebook @DeekayBaker