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Cake & Bake CannaBakery

Cake & Bake was designed to provide recreational users and medical patients consistent physical, mental and emotional relief. Curated to be both delicious and effective we use the “full spectrum” method in our preparation. (see the “learn more” link below).

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Brownie Bites (4 packs/125 mg each)

Large Hockey Pucks (500 mg each)

Miniature pies (4 pack/125mg each)

Cookies (3 pack/125mg each)

Vegan, Gluten or Sugar free

Gummies and Candy

Cake Bites (4 pieces/125mg each)

Cheesecake Bites (4 pieces/125mg each)

6 reviews for Cake & Bake CannaBakery

  1. cps3 (verified owner)

    The strawberry tarts are my absolute favorite. Going to try a small thing of honey this time and see how it goes.

  2. blay12 (verified owner)

    The brownie bites are absolutely outstanding. Yeah, the effects are outstanding (as expected), but they’re also dangerously delicious, to the point where I’m tempted by them after already having more than enough…if GL were to offer non-THC versions, I’d absolutely stock up.

  3. David Freeman (verified owner)

    Have tried most of the edibles at this point and always delicious and potent. Packaging also top notch

  4. Chan Sinclair (verified owner)

    Many chefs say they can, many chefs say they will but this chef understood the assignment and actually delivered! These edibles slap so hard I walked sideways around the house. A little goes a long way! I highly recommend any of the hockey pucks, brownie bites and the gummies for the win!

  5. Steph Workman (verified owner)

    Stellar product! Tasty, top notch potency, and well packaged.

  6. Bsolo888 (verified owner)

    Highest Quality and Delicious. Effects are almost immediate and long lasting. Great price and variety. Bravo GLDMV and Ms. Cake and Bake!

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All items were prepared using Servsafe temperatures and food storage preparation/protocols. Pork free. Do not use and drive. Follow Cake & Bake on IG @cakeandbake_gl or Facebook @DeekayBaker