Healthy Clones


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2-4 weeks old – Coming December 15

Up to 75 miles of Washington DC


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Clone Depot is a sustainable nursery with the capacity to provide consistent healthy plants without the presence of bugs or the use of chemicals. Through careful selection we start with healthy mother plants. This process takes months. From our “moms” we cut the healthiest clones which we believe will give the grower the most favorable harvests.

We’ve learned the hard way that money and time can be wasted if you start your process with weak/poor or bug infested clones. Start tour garden with strong genetics!

Clones will come “rooted” in rock wool ready for transplant to a medium of your choice.

Clone Depot will do deliveries every Friday. Place your order on Thursday.

Outdoors or indoors we encourage everyone in the DMV to grow their own. Consultations available.